Hello All,

With a wide variety of working 3rd Party Firmwares for Linksys devices its hard for an average user like me to decide which one to go for. So I need your help regarding this. My situation for now trying to look for some other firmware is due to following ;

I have already been trying HyperWRT Thibor rc17. Its working great since it is the most similar to the stock original firmware loaded on my router WRTSL54GS (with USB port). The good feature it had is the out of box support for USB connected FAT32/NTFS harddisks in read/write mode which is a must for me since I have a couple of devices connected via USB.

The only down side which i explored just right now is that , I am using the WRTSL54GS connected to a DSL Modem Aztech DSL600EU in bridge mode so the wire from the DSL modem is connected in the WAN port of the Linksys router. I have to configure the PPoE connection in the web-interface of WRTSL54GS to connect to internet. Since i always get a dynamic IP address i have configured the DDNS option in the WRTSL54GS HyperWRT firmware page. But incidently it does not works correctly. It updated the Dyndns.org record only once and then whenever there an IP address change due to disconncetion, the dynDNS.org record is not updated. I have searched around for it and it seems a common problem in HyperWRT. Which make me now to think of any other good firmware.

So now I am looking for a "PRECOMPILED" ( dont have to do source compiling, cause I am not an expert in Linux) firmware providing me these functionalities:

1. Out of box USB support for FAT32/NTFS harddisks in read/write mode.

2. Correctly working DynDNS.org client for dynamic updation of the DNS record everytime the WAN IP is changes in the PPoE mode.

Please share your experiences and guide me to the destinations. I have checked Tomato and DD-WRT, both of them do not offer staright away USB support.

(I have to configure port forwarding on the firmware as well, to connect to specific PC in my home LAN from my workplace via windows remote desktop or VNC, any advice for it would be welcome too, already read all the basic guides at www.portforward.com).

Thanks and Regards,