I am trying to set up OpenVPN in a Windows (MojoPac) based virtual
machine running on a USB flash drive.

Is there some way to include the TAP-Win32 driver start-up in a config
or batch file so that when OpenVPN GUI starts, just before it does so,
it starts the TAP driver?

The problem is that I although can manually start the TAP-Win32 driver
each time, with the batch file OpenVPN installed (and then OpenVPN GUI
will run and connect), the TAP virtual adapter does not start by
itself, and when I restart the USB drive I have to go through the same
process again as nothing has been written to the registry of course.

Also, when the TAP installs, it requires a "click here to OK
acceptance" click. I am assuming that if there is a way to do this
automagically in a batch or config file, there will also be a an
automagic acceptance.

Who ever said getting a VPN to run on a USB flash drive would be easy?