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Thread: Setting up two separate networks on two routers on one Network?

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    Re: Setting up two separate networks on two routers on one Network?

    steve wrote:
    > Here is a diagram. Cut and paste it into a notepad or other mono
    > spacing editor.
    > It goes through walls and floors and building. I have not listed that.
    > There is actually another device in front of the DHCP router. Thats
    > provided by the phone company, presumably a dsl device. Not mine I
    > dont mess with it.
    > You can see its a mess. But thats what happens when someone says hay
    > this internet thing lets get a computer and then someone else says hay
    > thats neat lets get a router, then we have a teacher who had a phd in
    > computer science and says you need a server with active directories
    > and databases yadda yadda yadda. You keep adding and before you know
    > it its a mess of wires and stuff. He's gone and someone else has to
    > pick up the pieces.
    > Regards
    > steve.


    I tried viewing the diagrams several ways (notepad using courier, the
    program that was used to create it, etc), unfortunately none were very

    Let's go back to the basics.

    (internet connection)
    router ------------------- router
    (for student network) (for teacher network)
    provides dhcp provides dhcp
    (i.e. (different address range than students)
    | (i.e.
    | |
    | |
    | |

    From here on out you add switches or wireless access points (WAPs) as
    needed on each network. If you have wires running from building to
    building then you will need one each for each network. If you are
    wireless between buildings each network will need its own wireless
    connections. Because of building construction you may even need to hard
    wire between floors and then put WAPs (or switches) on each floor (put
    the WAPs on different channels to help minimize interference).

    Due to the complexity of your situation I'm not sure I can be of much
    more help using a newsgroup as our communication method. Maybe someone
    else in the newsgroup can give more detailed information to help you.


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    Re: Setting up two separate networks on two routers on one Network?


    Thanks ken.

    Strangely I cut and pasted and it worked. But those darn auto wrapping
    things in the news groups and in notepad sometimes screw things up.

    Thanks for your diagram. Your solution is the cleanest and best. Part
    of my problem is the fact that the network already exists. And its
    pretty much like a tree eg it starts at the trunk where the signal
    comes in and then brances off in all directions. Each brance has
    routers and switchs and wifi. To set up the network in your
    configuration really means re wireing a second cable to all the places
    that need wifi access. Perhaps not an impossible feat but none the
    less strenuous.

    Regards and thank you.

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