Hi All,
I've been reading the group for a couple of days now and I haven't seen
anything on this setup.
I had 3 computers and a printer on my Ethernet 4 ports. When I got
Vonage they hooked it to the router in place of the printer, then hooked
that printer to the Vonage. All computers can get to the internet, but I
can't see or use the printer on my net. Vonage shows up as -- .
Sometimes I have other computers connected wirelessly and the NetGear
wireless isn't fast enough for my application. So I added the Level 1
WBR-600 for the wireless. Is there a way to see the WBR-6000 From the
other computers on the net, so I can use my printer and easily turn the
wireless on and off when I'm not using it?

From cable modem I have a NetGear WGR 614 router version V2.16RC4_1.0.2
connected a Motorola Vonage VT2142-VD from the vonage I have another
router a Level 1 WBR-6000, then to a network printer.