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Thread: got hacked?

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    Guest got hacked?

    I surfed to today accidentially, it has been
    redirected to
    but it showed an annoying animation showing "You just got 403'd Your
    IP is banned for the week. There is too much bot and script kiddie
    originating from your IP range".

    Is it just me?

    Non-authoritative answer:

    Non-authoritative answer:

    This redirects to a page contained the animation.

    Is it just me?

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    I get the same 403 message

    I never got it before. I did notice comcast changed my ip. My husband's computer got XP Antivirus 2009 the same day the IP was changed (according to the modem's log) but he was not firewalled or anything, he connected directly, off the modem, my connection is thru 2 routers and a firewall box. His computer is NOT on the network anymore. I'm thinking that XP 2009 nastee did something to the modem, I plan to reset the modem tomorrow, after i do more tests. BTW, my wifi speed is slower since he disconnected, and the modem has been trying to find his mac address over and over.

    I'll write back if I find any answers.

    ps, i can get to infosyssec thru google's cache, and use certain links, but anything that has in the address goes to the 403 page.

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    update, still working on it

    i got thru just fine on my vista.

    i put the hub back between the modem and router, now my speed is better (speedtest confirmed)

    vista is wireless, notebook (xp) still does 403, so i will clear cookies and temp files, then check

    if it doesnt work its ok, my vista will get thru

    i will post any updates, nonetheless

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    This isn't your system. Infosyssec blocks all traffic originating from 71.233.x.x range, which is the range that Comcast uses for its web hosting servers - and some residential users like you and me. I found out from infosyssec that comcast's web hosting servers are a hotbed for compromised sites, with bots, consumption (DOS) attacks and vuln probes. And they also have a lot of email harvesters and - their words - "third rate want-to-be-the-next Google" indexing sites. So... they just bulk blocked the entire range. However, they did relent and are now letting me in again - but since Comcast uses dynamic IPs, there's a high probability that if I close down the comcast connection, I'll come back with a different IP, and if it is in the 71.233.x.x range, I'll be 403'd again.

    Comcast, when I contacted them, was its usual helpful self: "Huh? Whaddaya mean?" and "Did you try rebooting your machine?" (<sigh> No, because you control the IP address, not me. I just sit here on your ethernet. I could change my MAC address, if you want...)

    So you can email infosyssec, and/or call call Comcast and try to get them to police their web farm (you could also flap your arms and fly to the moon with equal results, I suspect). Or you could repeatedly connect and disconnect from Comcast until you get an IP address that is not in the prohibited range.

    Good luck, anyway.

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