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    New Bike

    Been feeling the urge to buy a new bike, pedal type, for the last few weeks. While I like the Specialized I ride at work, we have had a few problems with them and the closest dealer is 30 miles away. My last personal bike was a Raleigh, however I sold it to a friend a few months ago because it was too small for me. I was looking around on Trek's website last night and got approved for 12 months/same as cash. So needless to say, with the wife's approval of course, I went bike shopping today. I ended up getting a Trek 6000. The only one that had in stock was the red and white model, but I rode it and really liked the feel of it.

    Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do much with it when I got home, as we had to clean the house for a showing tomorrow. I plan to change the pedals out for clipless ones and get some new hand grips for it. I just bought new clipless pedals for my police bike, so I think I'll yank them off and put the old ones back on until the Dept. buys me some new ones.

    The grips I want are just $10.
    I can't wait to get out and do some riding on it.
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    Nice looking bike

    Loved my old Trek, can't even remember the model but no suspension at all. Chromoly, heavy but durable as they get.

    Still have an old Specialized M2 alum. alloy now, StumpJumper, light as can be.

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    Resist looking at bike... resist looking at bike.


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    I have a trek 4900 alpha for 7 years now that has been trouble free. Trek make awsome bikes!
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