Ive got Virgin Cable internet and wanted to access the internet wireless and only have 1 computer ( my laptop ) so I bought a belkin wireless router.

I connected the modem to the router and the router to the laptop via Ethernet cable to setup the router. I changed the SSID and Encryption and everything, then I unplugged the Ethernet cable from my laptop and took it out of the router too.... then hey presto I have wireless internet and everything works fine!

But my problem is when I put my wireless dongle in after turning my laptop on, sometimes it cant find my wireless network but can find others in the area, so I turn my router and modem off and on again and most times it finds the network! Also if I`m on my PS3 wireless it looses connection .

Why is this???

Do you think there's interference ( change the channel ) or is it because I have no computer connected to the router and the router doesn't like it