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Thread: Can't Find Any Wireless Signals

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    Can't Find Any Wireless Signals

    So i was using the internet on my IBM laptop then i lost connection so i tried to reconnect but it wouldnt so when i tried searching for wireless signals, none came up at all.

    however when i connect my laptop to the router with a ethernet cord it works and everyone else in the house can connect to the internet fine except for me and my brother's IBM laptop, which is odd because at the time when my laptop lost connection, i did not use my brothers laptop at all, but for some reason, later that night when he came home and tried to use the internet he got the same problem, he couldnt find any signals at all, while everyone else in the house not using a IBM laptop could find signals, and are still using our wireless signal for internet just fine...

    Anyone know what could be the cause of this?

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    Update the network card drivers ,and if you are using ibm's software client try removing that software ,and just use the built in xp one ,or vice versa.

    Change the wireless ecryption key to use wpa ,and wpa2 for the shared public/private key. For some odd reason on wpa2 only. The Ibm I had didn't like it ,but I managed to get it work with wpa2 after installing sp3 for xp with the new drivers.

    See if this applys to your model
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