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Thread: Wireless router and cable modem and adsl modem

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    Wireless router and cable modem and adsl modem

    Can a plain and simple wireless router work with all kinds of broadband modems, eg.. cable broadband modem and phone line broadband modem. As a wireless router get internet via Ethernet cable from cable modem. can it do the same with a phone line broadband modem. I have a netgear wireless router which i am using with cable modem. can i plug it in a phone line broadband modem's ethernet port, and will it work and provide wireless access to internet. Thank you.

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    "phone line broadband modem"..if you mean....DSL modem...yes. However..side note....most DSL broadband ISPs have a setup routine that involves some username and password. (PPPoE)

    Add to this...many DSL ISPs how ship gateway devices that are actually a combo modem and a built in router. Generally you want to stay away from double stacking routers..meaning, if you connect your own router to the existing ISP supplied can end up with conflicts. So it's just a matter of paying attention to which model they shipped you...and seeing how to configure your own router with it. Most of the ISP supplied gateways will have instructions on how to reconfigure them to something called "bridged mode" that you can utilize your own router. can be a little tricker than cable..but definitely/usually possible.
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