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Thread: Woohoo...we're going to be rich!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC View Post
    Gotta love the fact that the Dems caused most of financial problems with the market today.

    Yeah I've been listening to Limbaugh too. Where does he get them facts? He pulls them out of...........

    thin air.

    Long on quick posts and a bit thin on substance again, JC. Of course anyone can drop in and say....."hey, it's the Dems" fault or it's the "Rep's" fault. Anyone. The truth is, there are economists who have been warning about this melt down for a long time.

    Read The Great Unraveling by Paul Krugman. Although it'll be too late.

    Then spend some time reading the papers.

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    Fed = our economic problems.. Until it's gone, it doesn't matter who is in office..
    Simply run adaware, spybot, ZoneAlarm, HijackThis, AVG, update windows daily, have a router, don't open e-mail, turn off action scripting, don't use P2P networks, don't violate EULAs, and wear a condom to get Windows secured.

    People say Linux is alot of work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
    Wonder if any AIG execs will suddenly join Obama's team.

    **cough cough**...Raines and Johnson **cough cough** both former CEOs of Fannie Freddie **cough cough** huge going away salaries **cough cough** both joined as political and economic advisers to Obama **cough cough**

    The empty suitcase annointed one promises big change...but his actions speak otherwise...more of the same'ol same'ol...keep it all in the family.
    Errrr...umm...oh StoneCat.....

    So what evidence does the McCain campaign have for the supposed Obama-Raines connection? It is pretty flimsy, but it is not made up completely out of whole cloth. McCain spokesman Brian Rogers points to three items in the Washington Post in July and August. It turns out that the three items (including an editorial) all rely on the same single conversation, between Raines and a Washington Post business reporter, Anita Huslin, who wrote a profile of the discredited Fannie Mae boss that appeared on July 16. The profile reported that Raines, who retired from Fannie Mae four years ago, had "taken calls from Barack Obama's presidential campaign seeking his advice on mortgage and housing policy matters."

    Since this has now become a campaign issue, I asked Huslin to provide the exact circumstances of the quote. She explained that she was chatting with Raines during the photo shoot, and asked "if he was engaged at all with the Democrats' quest for the White House. He said that he had gotten a couple of calls from the Obama campaign. I asked him about what, and he said 'oh, general housing, economy issues.' ('Not mortgage/foreclosure meltdown or Fannie-specific,' I asked, and he said 'no.')"

    By Raines's own account, he took a couple of calls from someone on the Obama campaign, and they had some general discussions about economic issues. I have asked both Raines and the Obama people for more details on these calls and will let you know if I receive a reply.
    The Pinocchio Test
    The McCain campaign is clearly exaggerating wildly in attempting to depict Franklin Raines as a close adviser to Obama on "housing and mortgage policy." If we are to believe Raines, he did have a couple of telephone conversations with someone in the Obama campaign. But that hardly makes him an adviser to the candidate himself -- and certainly not in the way depicted in the McCain video release.

    McCain Transition Head Lobbied for Freddie Mac Before Takeover

    Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- The lobbying firm of the man Republicans say John McCain has chosen to begin planning a presidential transition earned more than a quarter of a million dollars this year representing Freddie Mac, one of the companies McCain blames for the nation's financial crisis.

    Timmons & Co., whose founder and chairman emeritus is William Timmons Sr., was registered to lobby for Freddie Mac from 2000 through this month, when the federal government took over both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

    Newly available congressional records show Timmons's firm received $260,000 this year before its lobbying activities were barred under terms of the government rescue of the failed mortgage giant. Timmons, 77, is listed as a lobbyist for Freddie Mac on the company's midyear financial-disclosure form.

    While Republicans say Timmons is making plans for the transition if McCain wins in November, the campaign wouldn't confirm his role. Timmons didn't return a phone call seeking comment.

    McCain has labeled Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as prime culprits in creating the financial storm that has roiled Wall Street and Washington.

    Now, we don't want to go into what most think would be McCains first pick for the Secratary of the Treasury do we?

    Again, that would be Phil Gramm who probably has more to do with the money crunch than any single man alive.

    My god the McCain camp is crawling with lobbiest who had a hand in wrecking Wall Street.

    Glass houses..

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