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Thread: Has anyone seen Haggis

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    Has anyone seen Haggis

    He's my friend, in fact my brother. When he doesn't respond to my friendship bombardment he's either dead or just short of it. Sure it's 4am, but his lights were on. He never came down to greet me despite what I had. I trotted there barefoot with teenage things in hand ,but to no avail. I care not what the rest of yas think , I never did. If you see him and my message says I hope he does, tell him I'm lookin for him. Tell Haggis to come home please.

    Help me find him. If he shows up here say " hey the sito guy has been lookin for ya"

    I'm just sayin if ya see that have no idea. friggin ass...
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    He posted around 8 times yesterday morning. That was around 24 hours ago. If you feel he's in trouble or will be in trouble for whatever reason have the dude give you a spare key to check up on him if he gets in a rut.
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    Am I in bizarro world? Haggis and Sito posting craziness.
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    He appears to have "tripped" through here last night.
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