I'm on DSL. When a incoming call arrives, my internet connection drops for a short while (10 to 30 seconds). ISP says that it's because I'm 18,000 feet from the boxes and, at my speed, I'm lucky to connect at all. The only solutions they've offered is to cut my speed in half or to give me money toward purchase of a satellite package (which won't work because of their limits on downloads; I work at home and regularly download big files). And the phone company isn't planning to install any equipment closer because of lack of demand. (When we first moved out here we were on broadband from a radio-type tower, but they decommissioned the tower and put us on DSL.)

So I was wondering if there's anything we can do to help stabilize the connection internally. We have a whole house filter. The house is pretty new - three years - so internal wiring should be good. Are there high quality phone cables that might help? I unplugged one of our phones in case that would help; we now just have one phone jacked into the wall. Still getting the problem.

Anyway, any thoughts on what we can do would be great. We're in a rural area so don't have any choice on providers. No cable modems out here.

If there's anything you all can think of, would be great. I tried searching, but couldn't come up with anything relevant, which may just speak to my searching capabilities...