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Thread: Two new videos up

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    Two new videos up

    Large ones.

    The 9/11 Issue: Key to Stopping World War III
    A lecture from 2006 in which Mr. Tarpley covers the long list of drills used by the military and covert organizations to mask the real events, focusing of course on 9/11.

    Download (323 MB, Flash)

    "Big Brother, The Big Picture"
    In this three-hour lecture, David Icke hits all the points of control and indoctrination of the New World Order and Big Brother, and how it fits in to local elections in Britain.

    Download (377 MB, Flash)
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    Thanks for the links, will check them out.

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    Since you're interested in the subject, Burke, check out Richard Clarkes, "Your Goverment Failed You". It's not as near interesting as "Against All Enemies" but there are few who have had the experience he's had with the CIA, NSA, the Pentagon and rubbing elbows with the suits in the Whitehouse from Regean on up to Bush II, including being the terrorist czar under Clinton and Bush II.

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    Richard Clarke is one of the architects of everything we're now experiencing; he's one of crafters of the continuity of government plans and from his own book seems to have enjoyed a little Alexander Haig moment during the "drills" on the morning of 9/11.

    Clarke also authored a presidential directive in 1997 or 1998 that shifted the threat from the Soviets to terrorism. While some may see that are foresight on his part, I see his criticism as merely a counter-valve to the neocon line. He seems to be more of a hawk than he lets on.

    And take this for what you will, but according to Larry Lessig, Clarke admitted plans to him to restrict the internet a la the Patriot Act following an "i-9/11 event":

    [ link ]

    While I agree with his criticism, I judt don't see Clarke as anything more than a spook whose mission is to provide a public face for criticism while still maintaining his ties to the counter-terrorism community and raking in some coin thanks to it.

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    Since it's on topic...Just out today.

    The Elephant In The Room: No Smoke Without Fire by Dean Puckett

    Official Site; Low, Md and HD qualities available:



    I can not comment since I haven't watched it yet.
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