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Thread: Obama has us white folks bamboozled....

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    Obama has us white folks bamboozled....

    ...according to one of my own family members, Jackson and Sharpton both badmouthed Obama publicly in order to endear him to white people....and once he gets elected, he'll turn into a panther of sorts and we'll all be sorry for it.

    Good thing I have a black panther tattoo on my pasty white leg....power to the people!!!!

    Man I can't wait till next weekend as I'm sure the mudslinging will be in full swing.

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    Best policy IMO is to ignore Jackson and Sharpton totally.

    Panther? I bet you mean a BLACK panther dontcha? You racist piece of ****.
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    Jackson and Sharpton are worthless pieces of filth.

    I would imagine race relations would be much better today without those fools.
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