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Thread: Can sum1 help me on this theme played in 2008 Beijing Olympics

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    Can sum1 help me on this theme played in 2008 Beijing Olympics

    I was just wondering if any1 knows the song played in the background of the medal ceremonies, here is a link of the womens all-round ceremony,,
    1:40 is when you can start to hear the background music

    I just wanted to know if there is a certain name for it or if there is a way to download the theme, cause I enjoy alot of the songs played in this Olympics and just dont want to miss out on this one 2

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    I give up. It gets to around 1:20 and starts over.

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    "Molihua" aka "Jasmine Flower" by Tan Dun

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    Thank you, that is the song, now I need to find a correct link to get this d/l, all them lead me around to others that made it

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