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Thread: wireless setup help!!

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    wireless setup help!!

    hey ive been searching the forums for a solution to my problem but nothing seems to work. I cannot get my computer to see my router's signal. I am using a NETGEAR wgr614 router with a gigabyte aircruiser wirless g pci adapter. Im using Windows Vista business 32. I downloaded and installed the drivers correctly and my computer is telling me it is functioning correctly but i cannot read a signal from my router. I know that it isnt my router because my laptop is connected to the internet. For all I know, this problem could have a very simple solution, but I am not firmiliar with vista nor very good with networking. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Update vista for sp1 if you haven't alreadly. Make sure the firmware is up to date on the router ,and the drivers are made for vista. Here is a general step by step in case you are forgetting something.
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