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Thread: School Network Speeds

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    School Network Speeds

    I'm at college and the network connection speed I have is 100mb/s. I just ran a speed test because I've noticed its even slower than my service at home which is about 10mb/s and found that my download speed is only 925 kb/s down and 446 kb/s up. Why is it so slow and is there anything I can do to speed it up? The rest of the student population isn't even on campus yet so there is hardly any internet usage happening right now. Thanks.

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    Your network connection speed is showing 100 megs because most likely your dorm is wired with a 100 meg switch.

    The actual internet connection(s) that the school uses....who knows, most likely some OC3/DS3 flavor....(up to 45 megs)...possibly higher like a flavor of OC12 if it's a huge school. But they "manage"'s split up to feed various parts of the school. Percentages of it allocated here and there. Important branches of the school are given guaranteed slices of it. Also most schools employ some form of "packet shaping" that important types of traffic are given higher priority, and types of traffic that impede use of the internet (such as p2p file sharing, gaming, etc)...are they don't bog down the legitimate traffic.
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