I have as Motorola SB4200 Surfboard modem which Telewest gave me for my broadband connection way back in the dark ages.

After having spent a considerable time talking to various Virgin Media people I'm starting to believe that some of them don't know what they are talking about. Indeed, the last chap I spoke to put my 4Mb speed (when I should have been upgraded to 10 several months ago) down to "my area not having been upgraded yet". North London? Hmmm. I think he was telling porkies just to get rid of me.

After having read many threads I'm starting to think that it could be my modem at fault' maybe an older modem like mine may not be capable of 10Mbits. I just don't know (Model SB4200).

Now I'm trying to figure out IF I need to "break" it (to get a newer model from Virgin) and HOW to "break" it if I need to.

Anyone know if I need to "break" it (first of all)? and...

Anyone got any (sensible) suggestions please about HOW to "break" it if I need to. (Like, I know that stamping on it or dropping it off the Post Office Tower would probably do the trick but I need a way to "break" it that will convince Virgin that it has suffered from a legitimate fault)?