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    Hi guys,

    Correct me on the section if I'm wrong...

    But I have a client who wants me to take over the hosting and design of his website. Now, never have done this before, whats the procedure of renting a server? This is pretty much one of my first clients that want hosting, not just design, so I'm kinda new to this and have a couple of questions.

    What do I have to do about the DNS?

    How do you setup things like cPanel on a server?

    Who has the best hosting deals? I was told has the best server prices for what they are? Do you have any suggestions?

    I pretty much came here because I know I can trust you guru's

    Thanks In Advance.


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    If you can let me know where do you want the servers to be located can help you out here.

    US or UK

    Also if you need any more help please PM me


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