I have been having some difficulty with my DSL line this past month. Once for 7 days and again for 3 days I was without DSL service due to a messed up connection in the ISP's end of things. All after sever lightening storms. I have DSL service through Yadkin Telecom a.k.a. YadTel a local company here in North Carolina. I have a ADSL line but do not know the exact kind of line I have. The provider makes a distinction for some reason. I do know I cannot use the line for phone calls. It seems that every time there is a thunderstorm in the area of any significance, my DSL connection dies. Anybody on my road that has DSL through YadTel loses connection and the whole area got hit hard the first major storm in July.

Is there any way to test the line for connectivity without spending large sums of money on pro testing equipment and is there a way to test the modem to see if its toast?

The modem/router is a Paradyne ADSL2+ Model Model # 6302-A1-200-0YV. (Not on the Hardware List) They also use Draytec but my connection is out on the edge of the service.

The ISP is hell bent on the problem ALWAYS being the modem. However out of the past 3 times I lost service, 2 of those times were due to their issues. I was able to test the modem at a friend's house who also has YadTel confirming the DSL modem was still operative. This last time the lightening finally toasted it.

Out here my only other options for internet service is back to Dial-up or switch to satellite. The cable lines do not come down my road.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks