After erroneously 'losing' my first Origo AS8400 router by applying a gateway and being unable to factory reset i have bought a new cheapie from Maplin, a Powerline Wireless router and so am back online at least. Now, as i have foreign students who stay with me and want internet access i thought i would setup VLANs on this new router (http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?...221008&doy=1m8) in order to keep my network seperate to theirs but enable them to access the internet on my connection, however, i would like to throttle their connection too to save them using up all my quota.

Equipment i have;

Above mentioned Powerline Router
Belkin Wireless Accesspoint
Possibly recovered Origo AS8400 at some point

I have tried to enable VLAN on the new router by only configuring ports 1 and 2 to be in VLAN 1 and port 4 to be in VLAN 3, when i apply these changes i seem to lose internet access although the router is still connected. Obviously i am doing something wrong, can anyone help me please?

Either suggest how the VLAN should be setup or, bearing in mind what i want to accomplish overall with throttling, advise me what i need to do.

Many thanks,