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Thread: hd crash ?

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    hd crash ?

    ok i have a dell laptop

    last night it froze and went to reboot and i get a error message
    0x000000ED = HD dieing
    did the dell scan and got error 2000-0142 = bad HD all so

    dell is sending a tech out to replace the HD

    My question is when i try and start the comp now it makes it to the windows XP screen with the blue bar under the logo and then after about 10 sec i get the error message

    so i wondering if i set that HD as a slave should i be able to recover some of the data on the HD seeing how its not 100% dead seeing how it try to boot windows

    and if so dose laptops support 2 HD or would i need to get a enclosure for a laptop HD and recover that away.



    the freezer trick seemed to work for now just hope it holds up longenough to tranfer to the desktop
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    you would need a an enclousre for the driver a good free software for hd recovery is test disk it's also on the utamamate boot cd which is free download.

    Recovery is always hit ,or miss i would get an enclosure and give it a shot though.
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    Often you "can" browse a non bootable hard drive and pull info from it. Many times...a drive cannot's the Windows directory, or System32 directory, which are heavily used by the operating system. Often corruption occurs here. BUT....other directories are commonly still able to be read.

    I usually take the drive..slave it to the cd-rom controller...browse 'n copy what I can using that method.

    If it's still a chkdsk on it.

    If that doesn't work..quite a few times some drive imaging software can pull some miracles...clone the drive...errors will often be corrected. This trick has worked for us quite a few times...when checkdisk and other methods fail.
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    ya i got it to work after the chkdsk got what i need off it now just waiting on dell to send the tec out to replace it.......

    maybe ill get lucky and they bring a larger hd

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