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Thread: Monitor Crisis!!!

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    Monitor Crisis!!!

    Not really, but hey its good advertisement. Old member from wayyyy back..go Speedguide Folding!! Anyways, I need a flatscreen replacement for my old rig. Not lookin for blingz0rs just decent bang and I'm thinking 23"??

    Big shouts go to...Maddoctor , Norm, Downhill, YOSC, JCOS, Phillip (can't forget the academy) , Ken, Burke , Debbie!!!, I know I'm forgeting people. Brent & Immy...ROFLCOPTER!!!.

    Post not complete without a current breakdown of my nightly meal and beverage intake (I know YOSC can appreciate this) Baked lobster tail, Crab, and Shrimp /w taters and corn. Blue Moon and Purple Haze brews...mmm

    Good to see this place still go'in strong and get to work!!!! I need a monitor already
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    cant go wrong with Samsung or LG monitors. I personaly wouldn't go larger then 22" wide screen.
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    Me likey samsung.

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    Viewsonic is my top brand of choice.
    Samsung also makes good LCDs, I've had good experience with them..and their warranty service.
    Acer/Benq is also a good choice...I use a lot of those for clients for less expensive alternatives.
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