Anyone know what program, software, hardware, or the magician that makes this forum run so smoothly and such a pleasure to use?

Another site I post on, finally got the hint a few things could use some improvement (or came into some money one) and opened a Site Suggestions category.

There forum set up .SUXXX BADDD. Like its out of the stone age compared to this one.
Stats say 3283 guest+376 users online ATM, wouldn’t think it would be asking to much to want a forum that would accomplish something besides pi$$ ya off every time you try useing it.

Before thread count of suggestions gets to high for a Giraffe to see over,
Would be nice to get a thread saying what’s used here and >>point to it as an example of something that works above an beyond most user expatiations.

~Not that I’m willing to hold my breath until I thought they would implement it, but at least I'd be sure they couldn’t claim ignorance of something works well~