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Thread: Drop Question

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    Drop Question

    Greetings All,

    I'm trying to decide whether or not to do a drop on my car. Using my feeble photoshop skills, I did a mock up of what I believe a drop using TRD springs would like like. (drop should be ~1.2" front, ~1.5" back according to specs) In other words, just enough to close up the wheelwell gaps but not look like a ricer.

    Appearance wise, what do you guys think?

    Original Pic:

    Photochopped Pic:

    The other thing that's affecting my decision is the little lady. She said OK for the drop so long as the car (as she puts it) “doesn't ride like a buckboard over a dirt road!”

    I've been doing some research for comments on ride quality of the TRD springs. It seems the consensus is that due to the progressive spring rates, the ride is firmer but not too far from stock. The only comments that have me a bit concerned is the part about the ride becoming a little bouncy. (something to do with the higher spring rates)

    What do you guys think, am I getting anxious over nothing? Note that we do quite a bit of So. Calif freeway driving and our roadways aren't known for their smoothness. :

    BTW: The wheels are 17" with 225/50/17 Goodyear Responsedge tires on them.
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    I like teh original better.

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    Check the undercarriage some models can easily and cheaply be dropped yourself, while retaining the stock ride, using an adaptor plate to move one mounting bracket and spacer on the other (some models from the top other from the bottom)
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    Well, I gues I'll just keep it the way it is now. The drop using TRD springs would have kept the warranty intact but others methods may not.

    Just had one of those impulsive moments. I'm not sure which ones I hate more, impulsive moments or senior moments.
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    do somebody can work it??

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