I'm in a bit of a predicament our work network is controlled through a Firebox X700 unit.. Which basically filters all the internet data for the company.
As it stands, all our stores do not have any access to the outside internet and can only connect to the intranet.

However, the powers that be want to install Linux internet kiosks into the stores so that they can access our online internet to order things that they cannot find in the stores, Which is where my problem begins.

Now there were two ways that I though of that might work. The first wast to create duplicate internet site and create a DNS entry for it and allow the stores to connect to it similar to how they connect to the intranet. However, the programmers/Web admin aren't all that keen to do this as it would cause a lot of extra work for them to ensure that the new Internal internet site would update with the actual external internet site with orders and whatnot.

My other Idea was to setup a Proxy server back at the headoffice cache the internet site and setup the proxy server to only access the internet site.. Then setup the clients at the store level with the proxy server address and port in the firefox client and hopefully this would allow them to access the internet site and only that.

My problem with the second idea is that Im not 100% sure as to setting up this proxy server will allow the stores to access the internet, or as to what software I could use for the server. Money really not that much of a problem, there will be roughly 130 stores that will need to access and I dont really want it to cause any issues at the headofficers, if a proxy server was to happen.

Can anyone help me with this problem??