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Thread: Use laptop to extend wifi range?

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    Use laptop to extend wifi range?

    Okay, I'll try to spell out the problem.I get my internet connection from a friend's house, transmitted by a yagi aerial and picked up at my end by a good omnidirectional aerial. This omni
    attaches to my Allnet ALL0283 USB wifi adapter, with removeable aerial, which connects to a USB port on my laptop: result, perfect connection always. What I want to do now is use my spare D-Link DI-524 wireless router to extend the signal further into the house by attaching it to the LAN port of the laptop with a long CAT cable. I can then move this router into the hallway and spread the wifi signal. Seems simple enough, but after 2 days I am banging my head.

    Settings-wise, I have given the D-Link router the same SSID and channel as the transmitting ADSL router/modem. I have disabled DHCP on the D-Link and set the IP address outside the DHCP of the transmitting router ( The D-Link is then broadcasting the SSID throughout the house. However, as soon as I plug in the CAT cable between the D-Link and my laptop, it kills the internet connection. All other PCs can connect to the network, but there is no internet for any, confirmed by lack of ping response. If I unplug the cable my laptop is immediately back online.

    You can imagine I have tried a host of different settings, all of which have the same affect. Resetting the D-Link back to defaults also kills the internet when connected to the laptop, so I am guessing there is more I have to do at the laptop end but I am at a loss as to what????

    Any ideas as to what I am missing would be appreciated.

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    You probably wouldnt want it on the same channel as the transmitting router as they would fight for ownership of who to connect too.

    Are you looking at sharing your Internet Connection with the other users in your house via ICS?

    If so wouldnt there be a need for them to have a DHCP server giving them access or statically assigning them an IP and making there gatway your laptops IP address.
    If you take the wifi out of the equation on your laptop does it still take the Dlink down when you plug it in?

    Give some more detail on the LAN at your house and how users get an IP and route out and i will provide some more things to try.

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