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Thread: Can anyone help me out??

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    Can anyone help me out??

    Hi all,
    I am a college student. I need to make projects on different topics. For this I use different sites to collect useful information related to topics. But it is time consuming. It takes time to open different pages and take a look on the content. Thatís why I am looking for a tool, which will work faster than others. Any help from anyone will really helpful to me.
    Thanks a lot!!

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    What are you asking? Do your homework.

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    Re:Can anyone help me out??

    Buddy, itís very important for every student to make his project presentable. For this you need good information. As a student you have to utilize your time too. I would like to suggest you a quick browser add-on, with the help of it you can easily see the content of a new page without leaving the old one. With the help of it you can utilize your time in a better way. You can easily download this free browser tool from here.
    Hope my suggestion will help you!!
    Good luck!

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    stinks of spam to me...


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