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Thread: D-Link wireless adapter driver

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    D-Link wireless adapter driver

    Following the installation of XP SP3 my D-Link driver ceased working. This
    was and is a know D-Link problem. A DLL file had been overwritten by the
    update and placed the software over a table and was giving it a continual

    D-Link have issued an updated driver to see off this problem but for the
    life of me (some 18 years experience with comps and building) I just cannot
    get that little blighter installed.

    I use the standard update driver method but just cannot get it to work. Now
    when I use update driver, I aim the search for the new driver, it goes
    through all the routine but just does not update it. Then it tells me the
    driver installed is the newest one available yet I know it aint.

    How do I get this thing installed.....HELP.


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    Re: D-Link wireless adapter driver

    you don't need a new DRIVER, your adaptor should still be working OK, and
    you can change it's settings through Windows WiFi 'zero' config software.

    The bit that no longer works is the D-Link WiFi 'utility' software, which is
    NOT necessary to use the adapter (but useful because it gives you more info,
    i.e. the frequency of your neighbours WiFi).

    Presumably a new version should be available from D-Link website, but I
    haven't tried yet...

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    Re: D-Link wireless adapter driver

    Here are the "Windows SP3 proof" drivers / utilities:


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