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Thread: PIX 506e + 2Wire 2700 + Cisco VPN Client

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    PIX 506e + 2Wire 2700 + Cisco VPN Client

    I am a novice at IT and I am struggling so much that my head hurts.

    I have spent the past 3 days trying to configure VPN access to my network with no success. I have learnt a fair bit about cisco firewalls now but not enough to get the job done that i need to do.

    I have a cisco pix 506e behind a 2wire (BT) 2700 ADSL broadband router. I am trying to VPN onto the PIX using the Cisco VPN client version 5.01xxxx, so that I can access the network behind that. I am able to VPN onto the pix from inside the 2wire broadband router but as soon as i try VPN from an external point I have problems which have been many and various.

    My last error was that i was able to connect but i was not able to do anything other than be connected to the PIX.

    I have become totally confused. I have opened up the following ports, both TCP and UDP on the 2wire broadband router.


    because i have searched the internet and found various references to some of those ports

    I have tried contacting CISCO but they want me to pay them money that i just dont have to help me.

    I am frustrated and depressed and confused.

    Can anyone help me



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    You have a router (your PIX) behind a router (the 2Wire) you're double NAT'ing. I prefer to use just 1 router on a in this case I would "bridge" the its just running as a pure DSL modem....not a combo modem/router like it is by default. Let your PIX do the PPPoE and run the NAT for your network.
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