Hi, having difficulty in set up the link between my Netscreen, IDP and
the internal network.
The network is working,
Switch (Untrusted Network) <-straight-> Netscreen <-straight-> switch
(trusted network)
I would like to add IDP between the Netscreen and the internal network
to examine the decrypted packets. However, there is no signal at all.
Switch (Untrusted Network) <-straight-> Netscreen <-straight-> IDP <-
straight-> switch (trusted network)
The ports of IDP are running in in-line mode and verified working

Tried to place a switch between the netscreen and the IDP, then it
Switch (Untrusted Network) <-straight-> Netscreen <-straight-> Switch
<-straight-> IDP <-straight-> switch (trusted network)

Is there something that I have missed?
What cable should I use if I want to connect my Netscreen to the IDP