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Thread: Asus a7v and win 2k pro

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    Question Asus a7v and win 2k pro

    I have two ata 100 hard drives installed. Both are wd one is 40 gig and the other is 30 gig. I have downloaded the promise drivers supposedly needed durinig the install of 2k. I insert the floppy with the drivers when prompted for 3 party drivers. It seems to accept the drivers however it does not see my hard drives. Is this because the drivers are loaded off of the promise bios as opposed to the award bios? I dont have any problems installing 98 se/me or any other fat based os. If anyone has found a workaround for this issue It would be much appreciated.

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    You need a BIOS rev that's later than 1004 to make Win2k recognize your HDs. I'm using 1005a currently.


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