Some of you who have laptops will surely be worried about the surge in
the theft of laptops. Even I was wondering on the technologies that
could track stolen laptops and computing devices. Some of the things I
could think of were – GPS dots (like in Hollywood movies), IMEI
numbers as found in Mobiles or stealth softwares that would send the
owner some email blah blah… .

All of a sudden, tracking and recovery of stolen laptops seem to have
caught the attention of companies. Quite a few companies like HP,
Computrace have lined up solutions in this space. Although, the
effectiveness and consistency of these are yet to be proven, some of
the technologies look very impressive but most of them seem have
dependency on connection to internet. I am yet to see something listed
above on the lines of Hollywood movies :) I have just put some that I
felt are interesting, Read more: