I've been saying for quite a while that MGS4 would be the 1 game that made me buy a PS3. It has and this game is AMAZING!! Anyone with a PS3 go buy it NOW, anyone without consider buying the PS3!

The PS3 itself is still iffy in my book. The interface is screwy, and the amount of time it took to actually play the game was mindblowing. I had to do the initial setup (5-10) minutes. Troubleshoot my sound issues (optical out with HDMI video), setup the network (who the flip programmed this thing?
!) update the OS (slow slow slow), install the OS (oh my god here we go again) and then finally boot the game....wrong!! Had to install the game (8 minutes) before playing.

And why does it give me teh option to setup a PS1/2 memory card if i cant' play the games on the 40 gig?! tease much?

PS Network needs to get on teh ball with the downloads. I think 360 has more downloads each month than this thing has total. XBox LIVE FTW!!