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Thread: I just can't decide!!!!

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    Exclamation I just can't decide!!!!

    I don't know why... but I just can't decide on which card to get!... the Prophet II MX or the 3D Annihilator II MX? please all of you experts out there... Brent, bouncer, John, McDougal!... Please help me with this decicion!!! P.S. my current config... Intel PIII 800, ASUS P3B-F, 128megs of RAM (PC 100), TNT2 graphics card. I can only run at AGP 2X though. I have a 17" monitor. Thanx for all of your help in this tough time guys.

    you'll give smidley the same look a cow gives to an oncoming train.

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    Get the Prophet II MX Retail.


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