Hi there,

I am using a Dlink 504T DSL router and I am experiencing the following
problem: I have a static IP address and I have 2 computers connected
to my network. I would like to access computer A through computer B
VIA THE INTERNET (through my static IP address) as opposed to going
through the LAN as is simple to do. (too complicated to explain why I
need to do this but it has something to do with email). When I try to
connect to my IP address and I am not connecting from home things are
fine. I can access my other computer fine. But when I do the same from
home I get an error. somehow the router knows that the IP address I am
requesting to connect to is the same one as the one I am requesting
from (as I am home now and on the same LAN). Is there any way to tell
the router to go over the Internet to access my other computer rather
than connecting though my network? Any help is MUCH appreciated.