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Thread: Remote Desktop troubles on Server

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    Exclamation Remote Desktop troubles on Server

    Hey guys.

    I have a file server (Windows XP Pro) that I’ve moved from my office to my home. It is hooked up to a 2Wire Broadband Router (it has 5 RJ-45 ports) along with my other work PC (Also XP). I have successfully connected both machines to the internet, and have set-up file sharing. However, very soon other employees out of state will need access to the file server from time to time. I was thinking to have them use their Windows XP Remote Desktop to connect, but not quite sure how to set this up, as the file server has the private IP How do I get other people to remotely access my server? Also, do I have to set the file server as the DMZ on my 2Wire for this to work properly? Thanks for the help!

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    XP for a server?

    Remote Desktop runs on port 3389 tcp. You'd want to have your 2wire router assign a static IP to the "server"..such as create a reservation for it in the routers DHCP section. (I think those whacky 2wire routers are able to do that).'d open/forward port 3389 to the IP of your server.

    Now do you have a static IP from your ISP? If you go to'll find your public IP address (WAN IP). This is the IP address that the remote users would connect to. If you have a dynamic IP'll have to go through setting up a dynamic dns service..such as

    You must have a secure Administrator password, you'll need to add remote desktop as an exception in XPs firewall list, you should use good passwords for your user accounts, and you should set a policy to have remote desktop host refuse connections after a certain amount of failed login attempts (keeps hackers out).

    Want to make all of this MUCH easier? Just setup an account at They even have a basic free package. This don't have to deal with routers or firewalls or dynamic IP addresses at all...period. It's all done through a web browser through their site...wicked easy, reliable, and secure.
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    I shall give this a shot. Thanks!

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