I am new here and getting DSL installed in our area is like pulling teeth. It took me a month of Calling ATT just about every single day to get DSL. Their maps showed us in a different location and told us it was not available in the area even though we had 4 or 5 neighbors that had it. I finally persuaded them to come out and install and presto we now have DSL.

Now my brother in law who lives about 400 to 500 yards from us is trying to get DSL and they are giving him the same nonsense they gave us. My question is since they live in a mobile home with tin siding and cannot access our wireless because of interference and distance, if I run an outdoor Cat5e cable from our router to their router, (cable will be burried) Will I need any thing to boost the signal so they can use our DSL, or can I run one cable straight through?