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Thread: Zombie Apocalypse - Our future???

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    Zombie Apocalypse - Our future???

    Source aside, the science is there. Unlikely or probable? More probable than suitcase nukes in America?

    Chime in and discuss.

    As for me, I will use my tin foil hat as a shield of sorts, aluminum has a bad taste...maybe zombies won't dig it either.

    I bring this up because I actually have been talking about this in private for years amongst friends/co-workers, just never thought that it would be an accepted pop culture subject.

    ...formerly the omnipotent UOD

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    Luck is where preparation meets opportunity - Seneca

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    That may depend entirely on how you define a zombie. Simply an automaton or the all-out undead?

    At the very least I can sleep well at night knowing that my state is apparently taking measures to combat the apparent zombie threat.

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