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Thread: Help Buying Guide From A Router

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    Help Buying Guide From A Router

    hi to all of you! im currently doing some canvas of routers coz in nxt few wiks i might buy a desktop and nid to make some internet sharing here at my house. I dont have any idea of the best brand of router and the kind of router. Can some one help me or give me some ideas in buying a router.

    here are my questions
    1. best brand of router
    2. which is better wireless or not wireless? in terms of delivering connection
    3. what if my desktop is on first floor and i want to share the internet on second floor which is very far, ( lets say the distance is like of the 2 comps i want to share connection is a big warehouse), WHAT'S IS THE BEST ROUTER TO USE) (the specific name of the router coz i dont have any idea about routers )


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    Wired is more stable ,and secured then wirelless most routers now are both ,so you can use either or. If you are running Vista make sure it has a windows logo on the box for better compability with the router.

    As for the best it all varies I use the dlink 625 which is both wired ,and wireless. If you plainning on use the wireless make sure the router can broadacast the wireless network though out the house the boxes should say how many feet it broadacasts.

    If you have a big house ,or going use though floors like router in the basement you might want to look at a sepearte attennna to boost the signal.

    If you are using dsl though make sure your modem isn't a brouter modem+router it might be able to do wireless already ,so double check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asl01 View Post
    ( lets say the distance is like of the 2 comps i want to share connection is a big warehouse),
    This may be a challenge..without trying one first..or doing some sort of site may find the physical setup is just too much for a wireless to reach. Many variables which can chop that wireless signal down. May try to span the distance using AC powerline adapters. But for wireless..try an N router first.

    The Linksys WRT600N is doing well in various writeups comparing routers, as well as their less expensive WRT310N.

    DLink has a DIR655 model which is doing well, the less expensive 625 model also, if you're into gaming..the DGL4500.
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