I recently purchased a belkin usb network hub... http://www.belkin.com/networkusbhub/

It uses a control panel installed on each computer that activates devices and makes the computer treat them as directly connected usb devices.

I have home network and a studio network. I am hoping to put the hub on my studio network and connect to it from home via a remote/internet computer. I can connect to the device config screen via a remote internet browser, but I need a way to make the device appear to be on both networks.

here is my current setup:

studio network static ip: Speedstreem dsl modem > linksy wired router(befsr41)>network mac,pcs, and hub.

home network dynamic ip: Speedstream dsl modem >linksys wired router(befsr81)>network mac,pcs

currently both router are set to and dhcp. one has a range of 100-150 and the other 1-50.

It seems like the way to possibly make this work would be to somehow have one router connect to the other remote one and create an extended network. vpn will not work in this situation as the network hub requires it to be turned off.

the following information is available when i log into the usb hub directly:

belkin usb hub Network Settings

Network Settings Security

Item Value Instruction
Host Name 15 letters[max.]
DHCP/BOOTP Select one
IP Address IP address
Subnet Mask IP address
Default Gateway IP address
Network PnP Select one
mDNS Select one
mDNS Service Name 63 letters[max.]
LAN Interface Select one
Primary WINS Server IP address
Secondary WINS Server IP address
NetBIOS Scope ID 223 letters[max.]

so i guess the hub functions like a router itself.

thanks in advance for any suggestions. i am somewhat of a novice in this area.