EdwardFerrara had written this in response to
My experience with the AM60 is that yes it is difficult to setup. I also
don't see alot of activity on this board for this type of device. Your
post is over two years old. We'll see if someone responds.

Ed Ferrara
\" \"

sphealey wrote:

> Fortinet and its FortiGate product line seem to have appeared out of
> nowhere since the last time I looked at the firewall market. Does
> anyone have any experience with their products (esp at the high end of
> the SMB line - say the 300a)? The trade press reviews seem to indicate
> that the FortiGates have reasonably high performance, provide good
> price/performance ratio, but are difficult to set up. Does that match
> your experience?

> Specific features I am looking at are QoS and two-ISP load sharing.

> Thanks.

> sPh

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