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    Basic Networking Question

    I have three computers. One is a desktop that gets internet from the dsl modem via a wireless router through ethernet. The second computer is a laptop that gets internet from the wireless router. The third is a desktop that is right next to the wireless laptop. I was wondering if there was any way I could channel the bandwidth my wireless laptop is receiving through the NIC card it has to the desktop that does not have internet. If this is possible please let me know, and I know the alternatives such as obtaining a PCI wireless card for the desktop, but I would rather just do this.


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    It's "possible" using Windows ICS....but that's an unreliable and slow option.

    There are quite a few free "proxy" software packages also which can replace the Windows ICS...some work a little better.

    But still end up with a sort of double NAT situation...performance will be "almost tolerable" at best.
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    Never mind, I figured it out. It's easy you just check "share internet connection with other computers" on the wireless and the ethernet port becomes accessible for wired computers to get bandwidth. It also works for IP phones that need bandwidth.

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