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Thread: Cisco VPN & Netgear MR814V wireless issues

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    Question Cisco VPN & Netgear MR814V wireless issues

    I have new DELL laptop with Interl Centrino wireless network card built in.
    It works with my home wireless network run by a old NetGear router;
    However, when I try to do VPN, VPN client does not connect; I am able
    to ping the VPN servers; Looks like return packets from the VPN server
    are being dropped somehow; It is a windows XP laptop;

    Other laptops at home are able to do VPN connection to the same/different
    VPN servers without any issue.

    I looked for any firewall on windows xp dropping the packets; Have not
    found where to look for windows firewall.

    Any help is greatly appreciated;

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    Are other laptops already VPN'd when you try to initiate a session with this laptop? Some entry level/home grade routers only allow 1x VPN passthrough session at a time.

    Try updating the wireless NIC drivers? Latest version of the VPN client installed?
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