Ok, i was getting very sick or having a poor signal in my room with my old wireless b router, so i desided to upgrade. i got a linksys wireless n router, and i thought all my troubles would be gone. well i was wrong. i was still getting one bar out of 5 in my room, which is only about 100 or less feet away.

so i was pissed, people were telling me that linksys sucked, they were known for their bad signal. someone told me that netgear was the way to go, that i would be getting a connection from down the block! so i traded it in for the netgear rangemax wireless g router. and i was so pumped again.

failed... i get a crappy signal, only 2 out of 5 bars from like 2 feet away...
my brother came home the other day, he has a new mac book. i looked at his computer and the little wireless signal on top was completely black, which i means he had a full 5 out of 5 signal, while my dell inspiron6400 was only getting 1 out of 5.

so i think its my wireless card... as i said i have a dell inspiron 6400. the wireless card is the wireless 1390 wlan mini-card.

i need help diagnosing whether or not its the network, the card, or my cards configuration... i would think that if the card was bad, it just wouldnt work, but if it did work, there is no reason i should get such a bad signal...

thanks for all your help, ask me any questions about my setup that you need