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Thread: upgrade wireless hardware

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    upgrade wireless hardware

    I am thinking about upgrading from the g wireless hardware to the newer n wireless hardware. Have read some about it on line, but I have a really basic question before I continue researching this.
    I am wondering if I change my router to the n hardware, do I need to change the cards in my desktop and laptop computers to n cards also, or will my old g cards work correctly with the new router. Also, my laptop has a built-in g card - do I have to exchange that or can I put an n card in one of the slots and use it without interference from the built-in g card.
    It is all so confusing!!
    Thank you for any help you can give. I appreciate your time.
    I just noticed that I put this in the wrong forum - I wanted to put it in the wireless networking program. Sorry, I am a newbie. Though I do know that cross posting on more than one forum is not a good thing, rather mucks things up, so I am going to leave this here and hope someone will advise me on how to proceed regarding getting this posted correctly.
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    Old B, and G cards, will work with the new *N is on the same frequency..backwards compatible.

    They will not be able to go above their rated max speeds (11 for B, 54 for G)...but generally they still perform better...enjoy the much increased range increase that an N system will broadcast..and you'll often find they still connect faster than they did before on your old system (if it had a real world transfer of say...15 megs may see closer to 20 or even more).

    However...usually not an issue with most broadband connections anyways.
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