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Thread: How to determine if Spector Pro Spyware is running on my computer?

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    Dustin Cook

    Re: How to determine if Spector Pro Spyware is running on my computer?

    Donna <> wrote in news:TiRXj.8983$nl7.1206

    > I found a receipt in my husband's credit card bill for something I think
    > might be something called Spectre Pro Spyware wireless keylogger.

    Ouch... That's probably not a good thing.
    Maybe it's not for your computer?

    > I presume the software must "phone home" somehow the keylogging activity.

    Depending on the version, it's storing a copy on your computer; if it's
    installed there. Not my place to say why it may be present on your
    computer, but it's worth noting that previous versions basically did a
    snapshot, so anything you do, is copied. Chat sessions, email, web surfing,
    and no, you can't erase it from those programs easily.

    > Is there any way, perhaps by looking at network activity, that I can tell
    > if my husband bought it for use on my winxp computer?

    If it's on that computer, and properly installed, under normal conditions,
    you shouldn't notice it's presence.

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    Spector pro is the BEST keylogger programme on the market imo.

    The original poster says she found a thing on her husbands credit receipt saying he purchased "spector wireless keylogger" or what ever it was.

    Ok, that is BS, when u purchase Spector it doesnt show up as Spector on a receipt, how stupid wud that be??? Think about it, u just bought a stealth key logger but they'll put there name on a receipt for all to see, c'mon.

    But since u have something to hide from ur husband all u have to do is get ur own keylogger, ther eare plenty out there, dont talk to ur lover for a while and find out his PW for spector and either change the PW or disable it, either way, stop cheating or leave the guy ffs.

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    If you purchase online it should not; however if you purchase at a brick and mortar shop it is possible that they won't disguise the software.

    My issue is/was not sure some dastardly fiend placed this spector product on my machine. No boyfriend ex etc. for over 9 years, don't work from home; was originally done in 2007 and on a second machine in 2009 this one.

    I ran Spy bot / Kaspersky (Norton did not detect it) and hired Southern bell techies to finish the job ($129.00) later they proclaimed it clean. They also looked at all the registry keys that were known for this program.

    In my case there is no reason for this unless cyber stalking is an in activity. Now I am scanning posts for anything I may have missed.

    I have the original emails on a back up and will provide to law enforcement.

    I'm not a babe either I am 50+ years old.

    Not Nice!!


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    Hi again,

    PS what does it mean to troll? I did not check out the links because I was afraid it might lead to one of those hijack sites. Oh almost forgot the S. Bell techies used "Hijack this" also.

    That Donna person was accused of trolling.

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    Tech people are always so **** you poor poor people.. getting so angry and bothered.. I simply called the support number for Spector Pro and they helped me check my computer and unload. Also. the RULES are with this software that you agree not to download this program to another person's computer without their consent.
    Their phone # is 888.598. 2788
    And what you do to find out if somebody has got this downloaded to their computer to check others.. press ctrl alt del s and it will bring up a password window .

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    Way to resurrect a 3 year old thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spectorpro PRO View Post
    press ctrl alt del s and it will bring up a password window .
    Nope..that is not the default hot key combo. And if SpectorSoft was installed by anyone with a clue...they'd be smart enough to change the default hot keys to something not able to be Googled by the suspected guilty party.
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