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Thread: Please help me modem keeps on restarting

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    Please help me modem keeps on restarting

    I need help with my modem my modem keeps on restarting i dont know whats causeing it my isp sended a tech at my house and i got a new modem and but it still keeps on happening my Cabel Modem keeps on restarting anything i can do to fix it please.

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    Didnt say what kind of modem your useing which might help to know.
    Have you looked on the manufacturers site for troubleshooting support yet?
    Said you tryed a new modem was it the same type?
    What all have you tryed up to this point to resolve the problem?
    Have you looked at event viewe for error messages, what did they say?
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    Fiest, make sure your modem is not placed near to any other electrical devices. And make sure you do not coil up any signal or power cables.
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