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Thread: Secrecy Shrouds Indiana Jones Movie

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    interesting news...

    They needn't break a sweat keeping up with the (relative) kids: 39-year-old Cate Blanchett, the movie's villainess, and Shia LaBeouf, who plays the young lead Mutt Williams, and who may be tapped to continue the series after Ford's retirement at least that's what Lucas hinted a few days ago here in Cannes.
    So we should expect to see more movies with Shia LaBeouf doing the indy roles?

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    Caution if you read these reviews might be a spoiler!

    But so far looks like

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    Can't wait! Only thing that woulda made it better is if Sean Connery came out of retirement to go one more round as Henry Jones (he was GREAT for that part).

    If it has ANY feel of Indiana Jones in it (and all reports say its classic IJ) then it will be 10x better than 99% of the crap hollywood puts out these days!

    Just to hear the the theme song is fun to me!
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    I don't doubt many will be divided regarding a certain part of the movie though.

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    I don't see the shroud or seems about the same as when the original ones came out. Actually the marketing seems a million times more than years ago. Seem to know more about this movie than back when the original ones were released.

    I loved the old ones...but will probably wait until this hits DVD and watch it at home. Something tells me this one will be too much "canned" stuff that's typical of follow ups..especially this long after the originals. Not much will be original in it...some lines which reminisce the old ones.
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