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    Exclamation Desktop organizer

    Is there is anything like the below picture but I don’t need a theme that I can utilize to organize my desktop shortcuts, share drives, ram/cpu monitoring…etc so I can easy get to things?

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    I stay away from 3rd party themes....they often slow things down and/or cause hiccups. Vista has a similar thing built in..the sidebar. XP doesn't have built desktop monitoring...but has, along with older versions of Windows...quite the customizable toolbar in the can add mapped drives and other shortcuts to that. Right click the have your choice of quicklaunch, desktop, and desktop give you a few to play with.

    On servers..the only non-native tool I use on the desktop is a SysInternals product...BGInfo....copy that into the all users startup folder.

    Produces a report on the servers desktop with all sorts of info handy to the admin.
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